Avondale Spotlight

Avondale Spotlight

  • Matt Shrake
  • 02/7/24

In Northwest Chicago, artsy Avondale is one of Chicago’s hottest neighborhoods, offering a diverse vibe filled with murals, galleries, music and more.

Originally a Polish-American enclave, Avondale is now one of the most eclectic in the city. Yet evidence of those Polish roots are still apparent in the neighborhood’s bakeries and events. An influx of Latinos came in the 1980s, and then in the 1990s Eastern Europeans. Since then, Avondale has diversified and exploded, with new residential and business offerings.

In recent years, the neighborhood has gone from arguably overlooked and underappreciated to hip hot spot, including being named one of the 20 coolest neighborhoods in the world in 2022 by Time Out.


Avondale is halfway between downtown and the O’Hare Airport – 8 stops in either direction. The “L” Blue Line has two stops in Avondale, Addison and Belmont. And with the Kennedy Expressway running through it, Avondale is one of the better transportation neighborhoods, in fact, many residents report easier commutes to the Loop than other North Side neighborhoods. And there are a number of great bus lines through the neighborhood, particularly the 77 Belmont running east and west through the center of the neighborhood. Bicycle lanes have changed Avondale like they have the rest of Chicago, and Elston’s diagonal slant cutting through the neighborhood’s typical Chicago grid-system streets make commuting and sightseeing easier.

The boundaries are: Diversey Avenue on the south, Addison Street on the north, the Chicago River on the east, and the west boundaries are Pulaski Road north of Belmont Avenue and the Union Pacific/Northwest Railroad line south of Belmont. It’s north of Logan Square, south of Irving Park.

Real Estate

Avondale is more affordable than many other more desirable neighborhoods. Consequently, it’s a seller’s market with average time on market under 30 days for the entire prime selling season in 2023. Still, the median listing price of $460,000 in December 2023 made it significantly more affordable than other nearby neighborhoods.

The housing options are generally a mix of attractive older single-family homes, two-flats, and townhomes.

Things to Do

Avondale may not have a large can’t-miss stretch of nightlife and shops like many of the other neighborhoods, but it is filled with hidden gems and has been only increasing in recent years.

Popular, engaging attractions in Avondale include seeing St. Hyacinth Basilica, scaling the walls of First Ascent, or exploring the Watershed Studioworks Art Gallery. And Avondale also offers amenities like fitness centers, sports, and camps available to all residents.

The area has some real standout coffee shops, including: Dark Matter, the Avondale Coffee Shop, and The Brood, a horror-themed spot.

If you’re into imbibing or just hanging out, some of the standout craft breweries in Avondale include Revolution Brewing, a large, diverse and established craft brewery, and Metropolitan Brewing, which focuses on German styles, allows dogs, and in the summer has a patio along the Chicago River. Intimate corner tavern Small Bar, 4-a.m.-dive-bar, Alice’s Lounge, and its neighbor Late Bar offer plenty of evening (and later) revelry. 

Music lovers will find concert venues like Sleeping Village and record stores like Record Breakers or the pop-culture haven, Bric-A-Brac. In addition to the many art galleries, Avondale is also well-known for many colorful murals throughout the neighborhood.


The Chicago River runs along Avondale’s eastern edge Kayaking the Chicago River and people recreate along its shores and in its currents. Kayaking is a real summer activity here, and there are even a few kayak-up destinations. The newest river recreation option is along the new 312 RiverRun trail which offers bikers, joggers, and walkers a river-adjacent outdoor path. Bicycles are a common sight on the streets throughout Avondale. There are a few green spaces, highlighted by the larger Brands Park and the smaller Avondale Park.


Whether you’re looking for a popular chain restaurant (Olive Garden, Portillo’s, and Chick-Fil-A, for example), or something more local (La Nonna, Joong Boo Market, Parachute, and more.), Avondale has just about anything for dining or nightlife. 

Some of the most popular local, Avondale restaurants include: Parachute, a Michelin-star-holding, Korean-American innovator. Eden, a farm-to-table standout. Honey Butter Fried Chicken, a fried chicken sandwich favorite. Tri-becca’s, a sandwich spot started by a Honey Butter employee.  Staropolska is a popular traditional Polish restaurant. Chief O’Neill’s is many people’s favorite Irish bar in the city and features a legendary Sunday brunch and one of Chicago’s largest outdoor beer gardens.

With easy access to I-94 and I-90 as well as bus and train transportation, travel to and from this neighborhood is easy and always makes all the attractions of Chicago available. 

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