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Considered the center for African American culture in Chicago and has a deep and rich history showing some of the prominences of black Americans in Chicago with figures such as Ida B. Wells, Louis Armstrong, and Andrew Foster.

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Bronzeville rests south side of downtown Chicago, fitted in between Lake Michigan and Guaranteed Rate Field. Bronzeville has a deep and rich history showing some of the prominences of black Americans in Chicago with figures such as Ida B. Wells, Louis Armstrong, and Andrew Foster. As it stands today, Bronzeville’s bustling business district and numerous art galleries keep tourism flourishing and the neighborhood modernized. Historical landmarks and public art allow Bronzeville to connect with and show off its vibrant past while locally-owned restaurants provide residents with tastes of the diverse crowd who lives both in and around the area with establishments like Pearl’s Place, Yassa, Bronzeville Winery, or Truth. Bronzeville’s location allows for a variety of activities within the neighborhood from getting a view of the water from Pier 31 to going just a few blocks to watch the Chicago White Sox play or visiting the art district for a tour of numerous galleries located around town. You will find everything within Bronzeville as it includes great schools, plenty of parks for activities, and entertainment such as the Bronzeville Children’s Museum. This community is also home to numerous spas and fitness centers for any self-care needs as well as everyday necessities like grocery and hardware stores. As a cultural hub for many Chicagoans and people nationwide, Bronzeville’s pedigree and culture bring an experience that can’t be found anywhere else in the city.



Hyde Park’s northern neighbor, Kenwood, is located on the south side of Chicago, just off the shores of Lake Michigan. Kenwood was home to many notable names, including Muhammed Ali, the Obamas, and American blues singer/songwriter Muddy Waters. Kenwood boasts beautiful 19th-century mansions but also is home to a mix of quaint coach houses and contemporary homes. Despite the luxurious suburban feel that Kenwood offers, Kenwood is also one of the most ethnically diverse communities in Chicago. Along Hyde Park Blvd., KAM temple, the oldest Jewish congregation stands. Along 46th street, Kenwood United Church of Christ stands, open 24/7, hosting soup kitchens, and medical help to those who need it.  Kenwood is one of the most diverse communities in Chicago, Kenwood’s commitment to community, however, is also top-notch. Once again, despite Kenwood’s suburban feel, Kenwood is also home to and well stocked with not only amazing sights and architecture but also restaurants and decent nightlife. Whether it be enjoying the view of Lake Michigan, grabbing a drink at one of the many local restaurants or bars, or sightseeing the local homes, Kenwood is a rich mix of everything old and new.

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Bronzeville / Kenwood Bronzeville / Kenwood Bronzeville / Kenwood Bronzeville / Kenwood

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