Fulton Market / West Loop

One of the best neighborhoods to live in Illinois and has a population of around 35,215.

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These are some of the greatest neighborhoods to live in Illinois with a dense urban feel along with increased home values, great schools, and great experiences. The West Loop neighborhood lies on the west side of the river in the heart of Chicago and is home to Fulton Market, a popular sector packed with unique bars, restaurants and high-end apartments/condos. Many professionals reside here. Once a factory-dominated area of Chicago, you’ll find much of the décor such as exposed brick and timber giving a renovated industrial feel that only adds to the surrounding scenery of a district completely renovated for modern city-dwellers. West Loop has very popular attractions and destinations for anyone looking to have fun (Fulton Market Emporium, Rock climbing, Axe throwing, Open Books, etc.). West Loop also offers excellent schools for all ages and many parks and playgrounds that are safe and fun for anyone. West Loop's signature is the enormous number of quality food that can be found in the area. Having been described as “a foodie mecca,” the variety and quality of the restaurant scene is one of the best in the country and has something to offer to people of all kinds of culinary backgrounds. Notable restaurants like​​​​​​​ SoJu BBQ, Smyth, Monteverde Restaurant and Pastificio, and Cruz Blanca are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to dining in West Loop. The Fulton Market resides in West Loop and is the hotspot for even more delicious dining, drinks, and a great atmosphere. Whether it’s upscale dining at places like Aba or fun and unique like Carnivale or casual places like Green Street Smoked Meats, Fulton Market has something to offer for all types of occasions and experiences. West Loop also provides opportunities for sports and other outdoor activities at Skinner or Union Park, as well as transportation through the bus or el and metra trains.

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Fulton Market / West Loop Fulton Market / West Loop Fulton Market / West Loop Fulton Market / West Loop

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