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Often referred to as the “home of great minds.”

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Hyde Park

Seven miles south of The Loop, just off the shores of Lake Michigan, is the vibrant neighborhood of Hyde Park. Known for hosting the World’s Fair of 1893 as well as known for being the former childhood home of former President Barrack Obama, Hyde Park is often referred to as the “home of great minds.” Bookended by the beautiful gothic campus of the University of Chicago to the west, and the Museum of Science and Industry to the east, Hyde Park is not only a town committed to history but also innovation.

Hyde Park is also set apart by the plethora of open natural spaces to enjoy during the day: whether it be a walk through the beautiful Japanese Garden of the Phoenix, or a seat at Promontory Point overlooking the Lake Michigan waves and Chicago skyline. A blend of old and new, Hyde Park’s vast parks are also contrasted by a vibrant and fun nightlife. After soaking up the sun at one of many parks. After discovering the countless museums and public arts that Hyde Park has to offer, 53rd street is perfect for accommodating whatever one would need at one of the many restaurants, bars, or shops.


Woodlawn is “Woodlawn strong,” and for good reason. The developing neighborhood of Woodlawn, located on the south side of Chicago, is expecting monumental changes in the next few years. Home to the future Obama Center, Woodlawn has recently released community plans for mixed housing, hotels, theaters, farming areas, and more, to be finished by 2060. This is an exciting prospect for the neighborhood of Woodlawn. Woodlawn has always enjoyed an immensely strong sense of community.

Historically an inclusive community, Woodlawn has one of the deepest ties to Chicago history as opposed to any other neighborhood. In the heart of the neighborhood, the Cottage Grove “green line” station still stands today. This station in particular was the first elevated track to be built in the city of Chicago. Across the street, a diner stands, Daley’s Diner, relocated in 1923, but dating all the way back to 1892, making Daley’s Diner, the oldest restaurant in the city. A strong dichotomy is present in the neighborhood of Woodlawn, one of community, and one of development. It is a neighborhood community in Woodlawn, and a perfect one at that to invest in.

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