Logan Square / Avondale

Lined with exquisite restaurants and bars as well quiet residential areas covered with single-family homes.

Welcome to Logan Square / Avondale

Logan Square

Logan Square is a smaller neighborhood on the northwest side of Chicago with commercial sectors lined with exquisite restaurants and bars as well quiet residential areas covered with single-family homes. The area has an urban-suburban feel, and many professionals live in Logan Square.   Its dense residential area combined with the diverse businesses makes Logan Square a great place to be. Logan Square has much to offer in the ways of more casual and trendy restaurants and attractions.  Restaurants here serve a variety of food from traditional American (The MoonlighterMiddle Brow Bungalow) to Eastern-style food (Kyoten, The Spice Room, etc.) and everything in between.
Logan square provides many places for exploration and entertainment as well such as the Logan Theatre, Logan Arcade, Humboldt Park, Galerie F, and many more. Logan Square has events throughout the year as well as all the conveniences, so residents do not have to travel far to complete their shopping lists. The community also offers family-friendly activities that are perfect for people of all ages (Palmer Square Park, Logan Square Farmers Market, City Lit books, etc.). Residents also have easy access to I-90 and I-94 as well as train and bus transportation.


Avondale is quietly one of the most residential areas in Chicago and due to this large quantity, Avondale offers an unparalleled urban-suburban mix. Many professionals live in this neighborhood and a majority of residents here rent their homes. With good schools, plenty of parks, and super-stores alike, Avondale is the perfect place for families looking to live in an area that offers quality and convenient living close to the heart of Chicago. Noted as one of the most up-and-coming neighborhoods in the country, Avondale has started to become trendier and accommodating to new business over the last five years and continues to improve today.  There are also plenty of attractions to keep residents and visitors engaged in the community such as seeing St. Hyacinth Basilica, scaling the walls of First Ascent, or exploring the Watershed Studioworks Art Gallery. Avondale also offers amenities like fitness centers, sports, and camps available to all residents.  Plus this neighborhood has plenty of food and drinks options all over that are sure to cure any craving at any time. Whether you’re looking for one of the popular chain restaurants or something more local (La Nonna, Joong Boo Market, Parachute, etc.), Avondale has just about everything to offer. This community also has plenty of nightlife for anyone looking for a night out. With a number of bars spread across the area, anyone is sure to find a good time with breweries, cocktails, dance clubs, and many more (Revolution Brewing, Small Bar, Alice’s Lounge, Late bar, etc.).  With easy access to I-94 and I-90 as well as bus and train transportation, travel to and from this neighborhood is easy and always makes the attractions of Chicago available.

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